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We will continue to serve our regular customers by courier.
Medicated Ointments are freight free in NZ
Orders over $80.00 are freight free in NZ
Delivery in Cambridge is freight free.
All other orders will have $5.00 freight added.
Rawleighs Medicinals

Order Your Rawleigh's Christmas Goodies now before its too late!

BREAKING NEWS:- 45gm small tins of 
Medicated Ointment 
are now available at $14.50 each. get in quick.
140gm still $24.00

Medicated Ointments

 Summer Essentials
Lip Balm                            $6.50
Aloe Vera Gel                    $10.00
Moisturiser (Aloe Vera)  $13.50
                Insect Repellent                $17.50

                Sunblock                           $20.00 
               (incl. Insect Repellent)
Essentials pack             $28.00

Sunblock, Aloe Vera Gel, 
                FREE Lip Balm

mentholated SprayMentholated Vapour 
 Ideal for those snuffles and blocked noses. Spray in the shower, bedroom or nebuliser.

Head ClearHead Clear
Put a few drops on your pillow at night or tissue during the day. Clears the sinuses and deals with hay fever as well.

Skin healer and drawing ointment - Ideal for cracked heals, acne, etc.

Cooking Essences

Prices - Vanilla Essence

50ml    $6.50
100ml    $10.50
200ml    $15.00
500ml   $41.00 - Display bottle
1 Ltr.     $56.00

All Other Essences

50ml    $6.50
100ml    $10.50



LCC                     1 Lt.  $13.50
                              2 Lt.  $20.00
Orange Cleaner   1 Lt   $12.00
Pine Oil                1 Lt.   $18.00
                              2 Lt.   $31.00
Super Cleaner     1Lt.    $14.00
                             2 Lt.   $25.50
Window Cleaner  750ml  $10.50
Bugs Away            750ml  $18.00
Moss and Algae Killer                
                                 1Lt   $25.50

Eco Crystals - very versatile
Only $12.50 for a 1kg tub

Eco Crystals

Phone us : 0211 383 341
As Rawleigh's Master Distributors we carry a full range of Rawleigh's Healthcare Products.
For all  Rawleigh's products please contact me direct.
Good News - All medications are now available for ordering.
Contact me now.

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Phone me on
   0211 383  341

Please place your order quickly before stock runs out!

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