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9/9 Vogel St. Cambridge 3434

Open daily from Mon. to Thurs. to . Please phone first.

07/ 827 5418
021 138 3341

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Digestive Support, Warm Me Up (linament) and Colloidal Silver are now available

Email me with your order

We have an abundance of unique art and will suit your every need. 

As a Rawleigh's Master Distributor we carry a full range of Rawleigh's Healthcare Products and can order their famous Salve and Medicated Ointments. Order medicinal ointments from us and they will be Freight Free.

Salve & Medicated OintmentVisit our pages and see our products for yourself - Rawleigh's Products, Christmas, Cross Stitch, Craft gallery, Picture gallery, Leadlight Glass Products, Where Am I.

 Markets we will be attending:   

We will be home most
Please phone first. 

Wednesday 1st May                            Baptist Church, Huntly
Sunday 12th May 2019                    Cambridge Trash 'n Treasure
Sunday 19th May 2019                         Hamilton East Market
Sunday 9th June 2019                    Cambridge Trash 'n Treasure
Sunday 16th June 2019                         Hamilton East Market

 All on rain or shine.

0211 383 341

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