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Friends of Otimai

Honouring the memories of Otimai. Having a voice about the future of this beautiful, gifted, heritage property. Calling past, present and future members.

Otimai is our precious and historic property in the Waitakere Ranges. It was gifted to the Guides in 1927 by the Mrs Wilsons. It contains a Lodge, campsite, 2 huts, a chapel (where the ashes of many past members and supporters are buried) along with a cottage and extensive stands of native bush.
We do not want to deprive the future youth of Auckland and beyond of this marvellous experience.


Hello everyone       
This email is to provide you with an update on the Otimai Guiding Property in Auckland.
On 28 September 2016 the National Board advised members that the current tender sale process had been suspended. The sale of Otimai was originally requested by the Auckland region following the high costs of maintenance, a significant amount of deferred maintenance and declining usage.
In December 2016 we had a positive meeting with the group Friends of Otimai who had raised a number of concerns about the sale. During the meeting the group requested a chance to put a proposal to the Board about a way to improve the site through an external commercial lease and also to continue to allow for some Guiding use.
In April 2017 the National Board received three proposals regarding future use of the site. The proposal from the Friends of Otimai supported another proposal from a commercial company who would both lease the site and undertake some building maintenance. These proposals were carefully considered by the National Board at the meetings held on 8-9 April 2017 and negotiations were undertaken with the preferred tenant.
A commercial lease has been entered into with Morrison McDougall Limited which will commence on ­­­ Monday 25 September, 2017 for a term of two years for the land at Otimai, the lodge, cottage and little Otimai. The lease specifically excludes Burgin Field, the Chapel and surrounding land.
What does this mean?
  • Burgin Field, the Chapel and surrounding land will continue to be available for Guiding use and external hire and will be managed by GirlGuiding New Zealand.
  • The tenant will be offsite from 15 December to 15 January. This means that all of Otimai will be available for use during this time.
  • The tenant will be carrying out some repairs and maintenance at Otimai, including the cottage and upgrade work.
We wish to thank the Friends of Otimai for connecting us with Morrison McDougall Limited and supporting the proposal. The lease is an excellent outcome as it provides a great opportunity for a community initiative, while allowing the much-loved facility to continue being used by Guiding.
Your sincerely,

Fiona Harnett
National President

GirlGuiding New Zealand - Ngā Kōhine Whakamahiri o Aotearoa
National Office | 5 Sir William Pickering Drive | Christchurch 8053
PO Box 13143 | Christchurch 8141
P: 0800 22 22 92 ext 726 |

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